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POSH Ways to Store Your Clothes and Accessories

July 06, 2015

POSH Ways to Store Your Clothes and Accessories

There comes a time in every Posh Mommy’s life when she realizes she might have a problem - inadequate storage. While we’re definitely huge supporters of passing along clothing and accessories you no longer use and giving them a new home, there can still be some challenges associated with appropriate storing all of your POSH items. A girl can dream about a closet as large as a kitchen, but that’s not always feasible. Since we know that’s the case, we had Hannah West of weigh in with some solutions for us.

Via Modernize

Necklace Knob Board

Necklaces are one of the hardest accessories to keep organized. Hanging them up is the only way to keep them from getting tangled, so why not put them on display in your bedroom or bathroom? A necklace knob board creates a whimsical and vintage look, and it’s easy to make yourself. Glue or screw assorted decorative drawer pulls into a piece of wood or corkboard and call it a day. For dangly earrings, you can easily staple chicken wire to a large painted picture frame to create lots of hanging space.  

Ladder Shoe Storage

Unless you’re big on labeling your belongings, even organizing your shoes in boxes could mean wasting ten precious minutes in the morning hunting for the right pair. But instead of opting for a basic shoe rack as a solution, turn your favorite heels into a display instead. Grab a decorative shoe ladder from places ranging from Pottery Barn to Etsy and lean it against the wall for a piece that’s useful and decorative. If you’re a fan of flats or sandals, make sure to get one with wide, flat rungs.

Beer Bottle Bracelet Holder

Who knew that typical beer bottles are the perfect size for holding bracelets? It’s as easy as emptying your bottles (however you see fit), wiping them down thoroughly (sandpapering off the label if need be), and stacking up your bracelets! If you want to get a little fancier with it, spray paint the bottles or use bottles of different sizes and shapes.

Decorative Storage Bins for Folded Clothes

Tee shirts and out of season outfits don’t need to take up space in an already packed closet. If you don’t have enough drawers, buy decorative bins and don’t be afraid to show them off. With organized, matching bins, you can put your clothes on a bookshelf or even just stack them on the floor without feeling like your closet is spilling out into your bedroom.

Wardrobe Display

Who says clothes need to hang in the closet? If you don’t have ample closet space or you want to make a decoration out of your favorite outfits, buy or make a colorful clothes rack and pick some favorite pieces to display in your bedroom. Organizing the pieces by color and finding creative ways to hang them will help reinforce the idea that they’re decorative rather than simply a storage solution.  

Suitcases as Chic Storage

Vintage-style suitcases are a great tool for sneakily using decoration as organization. Place out of season clothes and shoes in the suitcases and stack them up to use as a nightstand or vanity. If you need more storage and more space, buy a sturdy trunk and throw a cushion on top for extra seating.

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