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Happy Thursday ladies! Team Posh was chatting the other day and you know what we realized?! Before we know it, it'll be summer. And you know what that means... SUMMER VACATIONS! Before we knew it we were all talking about travel attire and the essentials that we MUST travel with - and we wanted to share our picks with you! Below you will find Team Posh's top 5 traveling essentials. Enjoy!
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COZY SWEATER // Airplanes can get cold. Fight off the shivers with a cozy yet stylish sweater. 
COMFY LEGGINGS // When you're on a long flight or in a tight car the last thing you want to do is be stuffed into non-stretchy uncomfortable pants. These Vince leggings are perfect for curling up in those uncomfortable seats! 
EASY SHOES // Not to mention that we're just obsessed with these Adidas sandals, they're also so easy to take on and off - which is key for smooth and swift traveling. 
SUNGLASSES // Traveling can seriously dehydrate you. One of our favorite travel tips is to throw on some under eye masks, hide them with some designer sunglasses, and take a snooze! 
VERSATILE TOTE // A big tote can help you carry all of your travel essentials. Whether it's a magazine, a book, or your computer - you can rest assured that you can bring it all with you! 
Do you have any travel essentials? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below or on social media!
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Team Posh 

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