Personal Shopping and Styling Services


Personal Styling Services

One Posh Closet is a Luxury Concierge Styling Service dedicated to making our clients live their best-looking lives now. Offering services in personal styling, closet organizing, and personal shopping, we are your virtual styling one-stop shop for all fashion-related things. 

We support our clients by formulating a stylish and functional wardrobe to meet their needs and show the world the way they want and desire to be seen. Our styling service simplifies the shopping and styling process, making getting dressed a highlight of your day. 

Our styling service offerings include:
Personal Shopping
Personal Styling
Closet Organizing
Personal Styling Projects
Personal Styling Webinars & Classes (Closet Coaching)


Each of our styling services comes with a complimentary 30 min consultation allowing you to gain additional insight into the service and ask as many questions as you need for clarity of the deliverables at each level of our services. In addition to your free 30-minute consultation, we will review all of our subscription-based services and answer any questions that you may have. 


One Posh Closet Styling Services Include 

Personal Shopping

This aspect of our services consists of you giving us instructions on what you are looking for and the budget requirements, and we go to work to find the perfect things for you—saving you valuable time and energy to be spent on more important things in life. 

We do all the heavy lifting and virtually shop online to find the items, upload them to your virtual closet for review and comments, and make appropriate edits. You shop directly with one link click, making decision fatigue a distant memory. 

Time is one resource you will never get back, so let us take our time to find the perfect items for you. We shop, you buy, and spend your time living your very best fashionable life without the headache or decision fatigue on what to buy and finding the time to buy it. 

Personal Styling

All of our services are done remotely and using a virtual closet. You are given access through a link, and you can take images of items you own and have complete outfits styled for you using the things you own. Like uploading an image to social media, you will upload a photo to your virtual closet, and your stylist will get to work building the wardrobe of your dreams.

Don't like something? Leave a comment on the outfit inside your virtual closet and have the outfit completely revised based on the feedback you leave for your stylist.

Tip: Find a picture of your clothes online, download them on your phone and upload it onto the app. It saves you time and energy, but your clothes are also professionally taken, making the finished look more polished and complete. \ 

Virtual Closet Organizing

Snap a picture of the things you need to organize in your closet and the space you have to house the items and receive a seasonal blueprint of the perfect way to layout your wardrobe and optimize your space, creating the ideal flow for getting dressed in the mornings. 

Add the personal styling component to this tier for a more comprehensive and holistic approach. The combination of personal styling and personal shopping will allow you to have your closet visually organized and give you fresh insight and ideas on how to style the items you already own. 


Personal Styling Projects 

A styling service for established clients of Queen Anna House of Fashion or One Posh Closet with individual one-off styling needs. If we have been of service to you before, we can virtually execute the style request. 

This a la carte option is our most utilized service offering available and will quickly become one of your faves. Need assistance with an upcoming vacation, holiday gifting, mother of the bride dress, and more; we are here to help!


Personal Styling Webinars & Classes (Closet Coaching Sessions)

We host quarterly webinars on various aspects of fashion and styling that we replay for our clients regularly. Still, we also save space for clients to request specific individualized training. 

We can create a recorded 30-minute webinar tailored to your specific fashion and styling needs. In addition, we also can do live - virtual style training individually or for your favorite group of friends. 

Pricing varies based on the number of participants and the styling topic. To reserve a time and date for group training, a deposit of $100 is required and will be deducted from your overall group training fee. Once the deposit is received, you will be connected to the stylist who will facilitate your training within 48 hours, who will also obtain the necessary information to streamline the styling activity and ensure the style training is delivered practically for you, your virtual guests. 

(Pricing varies, but individualized closet coaching sessions start at $100 for one hour of coaching). To obtain more information on this service and curate a closet coaching session, please email 


To book your FREE consultation with a Personal Posh Shoppercontact us.