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  • Contributor - Sharonda Butler Stewart


    After teaching for 5 years, Sharonda became a stay at home mom. While traveling from city to city with her child, cheering on her husband (MLB player), she learned a lot about making sacrifices. As women we often put ourselves on the backburner without even thinking about it. Our dreams, wishes and ambitions sort of get tossed aside. In 2009, Sharonda realized that there was something missing. Now a mother of 2, she struggled with getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight and didn’t feel like her old self. She knew that she couldn’t be the only mom feeling like this. She decided that she wanted to be an inspiration to moms everywhere. You can have it all, you might just have to create what “all” means to you. She firmly believes there is a way to look good, feel good and do your thing too! 

    In 2010, Sharonda created Sporty Mommas where style, inspiration and mommas connect. Our mission is to encourage moms to look and feel their best through apparel and events. Our t-shirts carry the words Sporty Mommas because moms can be stylish, attractive, active, and inspire others to do the same. Through her blog, apparel and events, Sharonda loves to motivate moms to just be themselves and embrace their uniqueness. In other words, Be YOU, Be Great, Be Fabulous!


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