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    1. The Sisterhood of the Wives of Travelling Pro Athletes from Huffington Post
    2. Beyond the Athlete with Greg Jennings and Nicole Jennings During The Posh Mommy Launch Party from Young Hollywood
    3. Nicole Jennings: A Fabulous, Fashionable and Posh Mommy from Pro Player Insiders
    4. KEMoms supports POSH Mommy! from KEMoms
    5. NFL wives, girlfriends raise money for cancer support organization from Fox 10 
    6. Get Charitable in style, among celebs at Posh Mommy Event from AZ Big Media 
    7. Celebrate in Style from AZ Central 
    8. Fashion Bloggers in Arizona, Attend Exclusive Launch Party From The Posh Mommy from Monica Byrd
    9. Kickoff Countdown: The Scottsdale Guide to Super Bowl 2015 from Scottsdale Business + Life
    10. Updated: Best Super Bowl Events and Concerts from AZ Central 
    11. Could D.J. Flucker have a new position for the 2015 NFL season? from 
    12. C.J.: The Super Bowl is a business trip for CEO who's Vikings WR Greg Jenning's wife from Star Tribune 
    13. Celebrities, NFL Players Celebrate One- Year Anniversary The Posh Mommy During Super Bowl Weekend  from Facebook 
    14. Greg Jennings' Wife Starts Fashion Charity  from WKFR 103.3
    15. Launching The Posh Mommy Boutique with Nicole Jennings national online magazine based in Scottsdale, Arizona
    16. Nicole Jennings Unites Athlete Wives, Fashion and Charity with The Posh Mommy
    17. Nicole Jennings Helping those with Mental Health Illnesses KSTP's Brandi Powell interview with Mental Health Resources and Nicole Jennings
    18. Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Feature Citizen Style: Nicole Jennings
    20. Twin Cities Live correspondent Emily Engberg interviews Nicole at One Posh Closet
    21. Nicole talks about One Posh Closet's partnership with Agape Child Development Center in Minneapolis
    22. The Jason Show - Nicole chats with Jason about fashion and an upcoming makeover
    23. The Jason Show - One deserving mom receives a makeover from Nicole
    24. Minnesota Parent - Cool Kid's Clothing
    25. Minnesota Parent - August 2016 Print Edition 
    26. Minnesota Monthly - October 2016 Shopping Guide
    27. Minnesota Monthly - October 2016 Print and Web Style Profile Nicole Jennings
    28. Minnesota Monthly - One Posh Closet Kids Launch
    29. Family Fun Twin Cities - One Posh Closet Kids
    30. Home & Family on Hallmark Channel - Greg and Nicole Jennings cook, build bird houses, and more
    31. Nicole Jennings talk Queen Anna on The Jason Show April 2017
    32. MSP Magazine features Queen Anna April 2017 
    33. Minnesota Monthly features Queen Anna April 2017

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