#StyledbyPosh - Chic Elite Styling Service
#StyledbyPosh - Chic Elite Styling Service

#StyledbyPosh - Chic Elite Styling Service

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The chic elite styling service is perfect for those who are unsure how much help they may need in their wardrobe and want to try our styling service to see if it fits their styling needs. This service will keep you looking chic and elite for as little as $3.30/day and will give you a sense of peace knowing that the dreaded question of "What am I going to wear?" no longer applies to you. 

With this styling option, you will enjoy personal styling and utilize your stylist as a personal wardrobe shopper. After that, you will have the following benefits at your fingertips:

Three Weekly Personal Styled Mood Boards.

  • Styled to perfection and curated based on your personalized lifestyle needs. These mood boards will consist of things you upload from your closet and new things you mention to your stylist that you need or want to add to your current wardrobe collection. 
  • End the month with 12 personalized mood boards curated with items from your closet and any new things your stylist chooses for you. 

Three Weekly Curated Shopping Mood Boards. 

  • Whether it is for holiday, vacation, birthday gifts, closet revamps, or just a night out on the town, you name it, we can do it and all virtually. 
  • Need something specific? Send us the request, and we put in the work of finding just what you need—curated with the best seasonal trends and timeless looks tailored to your wardrobe needs. These mood boards will be purely inspirational and crafted to enrich your current wardrobe or purely for your viewing pleasure. 
  • You are never obligated to purchase anything presented on the mood boards. End every month, you will have 12 personalized mood boards full of inspirational fashion and style for your viewing pleasure or shopping needs. 


  • $110/month pre-purchased, with a three-month minimum (a one-time charge of $330 for three months of service).
  • $100/month auto-renewed, recurring charge, to be charged once a month. With this selection, you agree to a three-month minimum with the service with this subscription, except the payments aren't paid up-front. After the initial three months, the service then moves to a month-to-month auto- renewed charge, allowing you to cancel in writing ten days before the auto-renew date without additional fees or penalties.
  • A quick and simple email to stylist@oneposhcloset.com will always suffice.


  • Upon payment, all areas you paid for within your virtual closet will become available to you and be filled in for review with your personalized styled looks within 48 business hours. 
  • Individualized links for special shopping requests, scheduling a phone call with your stylist, and much more will be within your virtual closet as well! You will receive an email with visual instructions when the wardrobe is complete and ready for you to start. 



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