Curve Appeal

With spring break approaching, we all get anxious about being 'bikini body ready". I started to think about what exactly that means to me.

As a bigger girl, I had only felt comfortable wearing a bikini when I was 8 months pregnant. And that was only because I didn't have to worry about sucking my stomach in. After looking for one-piece bathing suits and only finding matronly tankinis or the why-were-they-ever-popular high cut thigh pieces, I delved deeper. I found an entire community of women who looked like me and were rocking bikinis. Not just rocking bikinis but KILLING IT!


They weren't layering an oversized tee or even a giant grandma cover-up overtop and trying to hide in the shadows. So, I started thinking, I can do this! Not only are there bikinis in my size, but they can even be totally flattering! The only difference is confidence. That is what these women had all over their faces in their photos. They emanated it. They exuded it.

So, I have now ordered 3 different bikinis that I am waiting to arrive. When I try them on, I will not allow any comparing of myself to other women. As long as they don't give me a wedgie, I'll rock them and rock them hard. So, no matter what size you are, don't listen to anyone that says you aren't 'bikini body ready'.


Dawn Otwell || Sales Associate 

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