Balance and the World of Womanhood

According to Webster’s Dictionary balance is defined as an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the last time I felt “steady” or “upright” after running with the kids and all their activities, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, doing dishes, laundry, and trying to maintain a clean home. I also aim to take a shower and wash my hair every night if I am lucky. I think the saga of being a woman and all the various things that we juggle never ends but instead is forever growing. Whether you are a hard working mother, wife or vibrantly single, a woman’s work never ends. I think James Brown got it right with his lyrics to “It’s a Man’s World” summed it up better than anything I have ever heard: 

"But it wouldn't be nothing 
Nothing without a woman or a girl”

I have come to the conclusion that I need to take time and determine what balance means for me and create concrete boundaries around that. Balance for every woman will be different but I believe it starts with identifying what is most important to you, and where your passions are. As a mother and a wife being present with them, their lives, and activities is very important to me. As a business owner being present at my store is not equally as important as my family, but is a passion of mine and needs my attention as well.

With that being said I want to share what I have adopted in my life to start working towards the feeling of being balanced and steady:

  1. I have started waking up 30 minutes earlier for my personal quiet time and meditation for my own sanity. By doing this I am able to prepare myself and have a quiet cup of coffee before waking up the crew
  2. Every morning I look at my calendar and see if there is anything that is not pressing that I can rearrange to make for a more productive day. I also look at the time of my last commitment for the day and make sure that I completely block anytime after that out for family or personal time
  3. I am more thoughtful when people request things of me, or to join them somewhere. I have found that sometimes I have more heart than I have time. I have started being at peace with saying “No” or “I’ll pass” without explanation. It’s nobody’s business why I can’t make it, but I offer solace with “I wish I could, maybe next time”
  4. Finally I have become realistic. As much as I have had to play the super hero role, I have now given up trying to be all things for all people. I am human and I cannot drain myself for the sake of others including my loved ones. You will be a much better mother, friend, wife, employer, employee, etc once you realize that and own it
I encourage each one of you to take some time today to reflect on your life and make a conscious effort to start taking the proper steps to feeling more balanced and steady. Remember what James said, this world wouldn’t be the same without women.

Take a peek into my hectic life on the Youtube channel on Famileague called Jennings Journey and how I try and remain balance and steady. 

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