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The alarm went off at 7:15 a.m. and no it is not a weekday, it is Saturday! The uniforms were laid out the night before but now I have to get three kids and myself dressed by 8:30 to head to game number one. Okay let me go back, my husband is home and very active in our kid’s lives. I couldn’t do any of the things that I do without his support. Forty-five minutes later the truck is packed and we are ready to roll. Up first is our oldest daughter’s travel soccer game about thirty minutes away from our house. After getting off at the wrong exit we arrived right at game time (they were waiting to for her to start the game). A few of the moms admired my “Sporty Mommas” Hustle Harder tee and how coordinated I was. Lol, they have no idea!



Game number two started at 12:30 back on our side of town. After a quick change of uniforms, we arrived early and even had time to stop at Smoothie King (#winning). I used the warm up time to talk to a few moms in the stands about Beautycounter and my new love for educating women on safer skincare. I watched the first half of the basketball game before heading off to our youngest daughter’s soccer game.  She needed to be there at 1:15 for team picture day! Yes we were late! But half of the team didn’t even show up. :( 

Games number three and four just so happened to be at the same field at the same time so my husband and I ran back and forth to cheer each kid on. By 3:15 I was exhausted but the kids want to go out to eat. After getting gas and depositing two checks from Beautycounter sales we made it home. Most Saturdays are hectic, but this was one for the books.



I enjoy every part of being a mom. We all experience good days and those days where you want to go hide in a closet and eat chocolate! The thing that I love even more is watching them grow up and have a loving father at home cheering them on and supporting them just as much as I do.

People ask me all of the time why do I hustle so hard when I don’t have to? I tell them I just love helping and encouraging women to look and feel their best whether its Sporty Mommas apparel and events, "Femfessionals" or educating them on safer beauty products. As moms we want the best for our kids, so we have to take care of ourselves and let them see us living our best lives!

By: Sharonda Butler Stewart
Wife, mother of 3
Owner at Sporty Mommas, LLC
Beautycounter Cosultant

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