Cabin Fever


To anyone who leaves the city and heads for the lake, ocean or wilderness, Cabin Fever means something very different.  It’s the excitement that builds as the weather gets warmer and everything gets lush and green.  

The desire to get to a simpler place, away from work, electronics and other distractions becomes overwhelming.  There’s an eagerness to spend time playing outside with family or finally being able to read a great book.  

Whether you escape the city every weekend or rent a one-time getaway, being at the cabin is a chance to wind down and relax.  

Comfort is key, so jumpsuits and rompers are great choices, as well as distressed denim and flat sandals.  Throw on a kimono as the sun goes down, and enjoy an evening by the fire pit.  It’s Cabin Time!


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Until next time!
XO, #PoshSquad

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