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The Dog Days of summer officially ended on August 11, but that doesn’t mean the heat is letting up anytime soon. Since we’ll still be facing quite a few warm days, I wanted to share some of my tips for keeping POSH in the heat. With Greg’s move to Miami, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the hot hot South, which means, I’m earning the right to share these tips...

Our kiddos staying cool at the beach 

Summer style at dinner with The Posh Mommy contributor Dionne Boldin

There are a couple of ways to approach dressing for the summer heat. When approaching dressing for a hot day, obviously your agenda will dictate what specifically you’ll need to wear, but there are a couple of items to keep mind.

First, wear patterns or colors that allow for concealing sweat. That may mean darker colors and bolder patterns, but that means less worry about your body just acting like bodies should - keeping you cooler by sweating it out.

Next, wear pieces that have built-in “ventilation.” That could mean a tank top, a flowy skirt, or a blousy top that covers you from the sun, but lets any breeze pass through.

Finally, choose fabrics that are light or breathable. You may not want to wear a cute faux leather skirt on date night if it’s 90 and humid.  When you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to be your sexy, wonderful self.

Danielle Forte Collection Fringe Maxi Skirt

Joie Striped Maxi Dress

Sanctuary Clothing Painted Desert Maxi Dress

Clover Canyon Graphic Print Dress

Elle Floral Bustier Max Dress


Gemma Yellow & Black Dress 


Ivy & Blu Cutout Print Chiffon Maxi Dress

Valentino Black Lace Espadrilles 

Aside from dressing for the heat, there are a couple of go-to items I like to help me handle the heat. First off, hydration is key. Whether you’re being active or not, keeping liquids on-hand for yourself and your kiddos is so important. I like coconut water to add in an extra kick of non-sugary electrolytes, but to keep it simple, just carrying a refillable bottle at all times makes sure you’ve got a pretty solid supply that you can refill when you’re out and about. This one is gorgeous.

Pink Feathers Bottle by Swell

When you’re constantly on the go, it’s easy to feel you just need to splash your face with water. By spritzing with a rose water facial mist, you’re getting that H20 effect with the essence of rose which helps balance your complexion.

Evian also has a travel sized spray bottle that I am totally obsessed with. With all the traveling that we do, I almost always get that oily, sticky feeling. This spray mist is so refreshing and makes it a tad bit easier to travel with my entourage...

Last, throw on a hat to constantly shade yourself, staying cool and protecting your skin at the same time. And of course, they’re oh so POSH.


Packable Wide Brim Bow Hat

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