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Denim is something that can be effortless and tricky all at the same time. To help out our #poshsquad we decided to put together some do's and don'ts of all things denim. Of course, some rules are meant to be broken, but some are not. These are the ones we like to follow when it comes to this timeless textile.

All photos used in this post belong to the rightful owners - if you see this, you have great denim inspiration 


Do: Buy them at the right length, or get them tailored
This helps your outfit look on point at all times. We know sometimes it can take a lot of effort to look effortless, so this small step will make your wardrobe that much better.

Don’t: Mistreat the jeans
With so many blends of denim now days it's likely that each pair of jeans you own will require a different process to care for it. For example, raw denim is to hardly (if ever) be washed and when you do need it cleaned you should only get it dry cleaned.

Do: Know what style best fits your body
This is another tip that will make your shopping so much easier. If you know what works and what doesn't - and what you're comfortable with - the idea of jean shopping will be much more enjoyable.

Don’t: Have gaps in your waistline
This leaves you susceptible to whale tails and plumbers cracks. Trust us, no one wants to see that...

Do: Have fun with it - colors, patterns, etc.
We are huge fans of having fun with jeans. Our favorite is to pair "Posh Pink" jeans with a variety of tops. There are also fun patterns and colors to play with depending on the season we are in.

Don’t: Cuff them incorrectly
Cuffing jeans can be a TOTAL game changer... if done correctly for the jean and shoe you're pairing it with. Stay tuned for an entirely different blog all about how to cuff jeans. 


Do: Layer!
There's nothing more stylish than when you layer denim shirts. It can be styled so many different ways the possibilities are really endless.

Don’t: Layer it too bulky - listen to the denim
In order to layer your denim shirts to not look bulky and chunky you really need to listen to your denim. Some shirts are just not meant to be layered under things, so sit down and have a chat with your denim and see how it feels about being layered.

Do: Dress it up
LOVE LOVE LOVE this! There's no greater feeling than to style a denim piece so nicely that in a professional setting on one even thinks to say something. 

Don’t: Make it too busy
It's possible. Let's try not to do that shall we?

Do: Tie it + Tuck it
Again, this can depend on the type of shirt you're working with. However we love pairing chambray shirts with maxi skirts and tying the shirt at the waistline. They also look amazing half tucked into a variety of bottoms.

Don’t: Style it wrong for the cut/length
At this point it might seem a little redundant - but you really do need to know how different cuts and lengths are meant to be styled. Denim tops aren't made equally and it can just take playing with items to figure out what works best. (Or come ask us and we can help!)

Denim on Denim:

Do: Mix + Match colors/washes
Naturally, darker shades of denim help to slim and hide certain 'problem' areas. Lighter denim tends to be where the eye is drawn to. For this reason, most women like to pair a lighter denim top with a dark wash jean. If you are new to the game and want to dip your toes in this trend try pairing colored denim with a more traditional item.

Don’t: Be too matchy matchy - weights and colors
The difference doesn't need to be drastic, just make sure it's not exact.

Do: Wear Distressed
Dress it up, dress it down, dare to distress.

Don’t: Assume a pairing for someone else’s style/body is going to work for you
Many times we have seen a pairing on another woman that we absolutely loved, but when we tried it ourselves it didn't work out so well. Everyone is different. No one has the same style, body, or comfort level so make sure to stay true to you.

Do: Play with a variety of pieces - ex. skirts and tanks
Obviously as the temperature drops, pairing a denim tank top with a denim skirt maybe isn't the best idea... but hey, it's a great pairing that isn't going out of style anytime soon so now you have plenty of time to prepare for spring!

Don’t: Overdo it - no simple life moments
Just don't ever look like Paris and Nicole in the picture below. It isn't cute. It was never cute. It will never be cute. ALSO don't pull a Britney and Justin moment with the denim accessories. 

Do you have any style rules you are strict about following? Comment below, we love to engage!


Poshly Yours,

Team Posh

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