5 Steps To Your Dream Closet

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Any woman who’s ever told you she doesn’t daydream over the closets of bloggers and celebrities is probably fibbing. But did you know that your dream closet is a lot more attainable than you could imagine? You see, just as you have your bedroom and your kids have their bedroom, your clothes have one, too... we just happen to call it a closet.

With so many negative messages in today’s society, having a closet you’re proud of, one that reflects your personality and style, can make you feel special and excited about getting dressed every morning. And who doesn’t want that?!

Here are 5 real-life tips to help you organize your closet!

ONE :: First things first - CLEAN IT OUT! Be super realistic with yourself. If it helps, make piles labeled keep, donate, tailor, and trash. Once you’re done organizing make sure to separate by Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter so you can rotate your wardrobe as needed. We would also suggest cataloging your clothes as you do this, through an app such as Stylebook. This allows you to see what you already own in a new format so you don’t stand in your closet and think you have nothing to wear.

TWO :: Keep your everyday items accessible. Items like sneakers, t-shirts, or anything else you know for sure you use every day should be kept in an organized, accessible place in your closet. On the other hand, we all have key pieces that we are proud of, such as those sky high heels or that designer clutch that we don’t necessarily wear all the time. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to show them off. Am I right!? These are the pieces that should be put on display in all their glory. It’ll give you inspiration when getting dressed and will also make for some envious Instagram shots.

THREE :: According to Gina Carter of Couture and Closets, it’s important that you organize by category. This means work clothes, active wear, etc. “This helps you identify what you own and makes choosing what to wear easier. You also shop smarter because it’s easy to see what you already own.” It’s also key to organize by color within each category. This helps everything look neat.

FOUR :: Another important component is that all of your clothes are A) on the same types of hangers. These, in particular, are great looking, super slim to save space, and grip women’s clothes so they stay in place. B) all facing the same direction. Gina suggests a left to right flow. This gives the closet a high-end, ‘boutique’ vibe.

FIVE :: The fifth and final tip that we have for you is to make sure your closet represents your personality and style! It should be a direct reflection of you and who you are. You can achieve this by decorating with photographs, wallpaper, rugs, etc.

    We’d love to hear your personal organization tips! Leave us a comment below or show us on Instagram by using #poshsquad.

    Poshly Yours,
    Team Posh

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