6 Holiday Outfits You Already Have in Your Closet

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The holiday season is already here! It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks and with everything on our checklists, the perfect outfit is the last thing we want to worry about. Jam-packed schedules and all the parties we’re lucky to be part of can make planning easy holiday outfits hard, not to mention that purchasing two or three brand-new holiday outfits can get pricey. The best thing is that our closets have the solutions already.

Fitted Sweater Dress and Boots

wool blazer and fitted sweater dress easy holiday outfitsPhoto Credit: My Chic Obsession

One of our absolute favorite outfits for the cooler months! It’s super sophisticated while also being a classic look. Whether you choose knee-high, calf-high, or ankle booties, this outfit is a major sartorial win.

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Blazer, Shirt, and Jeans

easy holiday outfits

Photo Credit: Fashion Jackson

The quintessential “cool girl” look. We love the idea of a black blazer and some comfy pair of blue jeans together, no matter the season. If it’s a casual friendsgiving or you’re hanging out at your parents’, pick a comfy black or white t-shirt. Go semi-formal with a button-up shirt and your favorite pumps.

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Cable Knit Sweater and Leather Pants

cable knit sweater leather pants easy holiday outfits

Photo Credit: Daily Craving

We love the contrasts in this look. A comfy and cozy, uber-warm cable knit sweater paired with edgy leather pants will always be trés chic. A great accessory to tie this look together would be a black or tan wide-brimmed hat.

Black Turtleneck and Mini Skirt

black turtleneck with mini skirt easy holiday outfitsPhoto Credit: Stylish Petite

A black turtleneck is practical for the season, but it’s also a big staple piece in our closets. The whole Posh team agrees that it’s one of the versatile items to hold on to and have fun with, and pairing it with a mini skirt and some black boots is supreme.

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Matching Sweater Set

matching cardigan set easy holiday outfits

This kind of outfit takes the cake for the comfiest outfit on the list, but it’s definitely just as fashionable and eye-catching. It’s made for parties that are ultra low-key and casual, and laying around post-dinner is recommended.

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Red Sweater and Midi Skirt

red sweater and midi skirt easy holiday outfitsPhoto Credit: Skirt the Rules

Red is such a classic holiday color, so we had to throw this must-have in there. Pairing it with a black or jewel-colored midi skirt is a gorgeous, timeless look.

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We are in love with the feeling we get when we buy a new outfit, but there’s definitely no denying the same butterflies when we pull out some pieces that can be reworked into something new and just as fabulous. If you need something else to complete your look, shop at Queen Anna House of Fashion.

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