How To Stay Stylish This Winter

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Have you ever sacrificed being cute for being warm, or vice versa? We have, especially since our headquarters is located in Minnesota. Or rather Minnesnowta...

Over the years we've learned tips about how to dress appropriately for the weather without having to forgo style just because of your geographical location. Today we will share with you our essentials for making it through this upcoming season warm, cozy, and fashionable.



1 ) Layer Like a Pro

Even though we always give our weather forecasters the benefit of the doubt, we still like to prepare. In winter it's best to layer as much as possible. If you over prepare you can always shed layers to make yourself comfortable, but then if the weather does something unexpected you can simply put them back on!


2 ) Smart Accessories

No, we don't mean smart as in technology. We mean warm scarves, mittens, hats, earmuffs, etc. When styled correctly these types of accessories can look SO stylish while also keeping you warm. We highly suggest to either have a variety of scarfs or invest in some chic cowl neck/turtle neck sweaters because nothing makes you colder than when your chest and neck are exposed to the elements. 


3 ) Appropriate Shoes

It's always important (especially if you live in the city and walk a lot) to have appropriately lined and soled shoes. Unless it's for a special occasion or you don't live in an icy climate, it's probably best to stick with flat or low heeled shoes. Also you want to make sure that the soles of the shoes aren't slippery so you don't fall and embarrass yourself. Also, if you have boots such as Hunters you should invest in some liners because even though you will get to your destination with dry feet, they may not be warm feet. 


4 ) Fabric is Key

When shopping for warm weather clothing it's important to know the fabric it's made out of. As much as we love a good lace ensemble, it doesn't provide much insulation. Try to stick to fleece, wool, and furs (faux or real) when shopping for items such as coats, scarfs, sweaters, hats, etc. You'll be happy you did.


What type of climate do you live in? As winter fast approaches we would love your best advice for staying warm! Leave us a comment below or let us know through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 


Poshly Yours,
Team Posh

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