Game Day Attire by Nicole Jennings

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As a aging YOUNG woman, my fashion sense has transitioned over the years from simplistic, to motherly, to currently more of a POSH mommy. As a veteran NFL wife of over 10 years, my attire to games has also changed.

I went from “SUPER GEEKED WIFE” wearing every possible piece of clothing that had my husbands name on it , and making sure that everyone that attended the games with us had it on as well. 

We would walk through the hallways of Lambeau Field and all you would hear were the whispers “that must be Greg Jennings wife”. As a newbie in the league I felt like I was not only representing my husband well but also letting everyone know who I was...(as if anyone really cared.)

At this stage in my life and honestly this stage in my husband’s career, I believe my presence in the stadium is more than enough support that he needs. I always deck my children out in their bedazzled jerseys from our amazing Posh Contributor Leah Miller of Bella Artistry, but I just enjoy being comfortable and wearing something that can get ketchup on it without me having a heart attack.

For non-sports wives that like to add a little sass to their game day attire, I think there is always a time and place for everything. If you can rock 9-inch heels and walk like America’s Next Top Model for 6 hours, then by all means do so. But realistically 9 out of 10 women can’t do it’s not the heels and amazing outfit that draws everyone’s attention, it’s the fact that you’re semi limping and walking as if your feet aren’t tired.

Ladies, there is always a way to dress up a casual sports outfit without being uncomfortable. My favorite go to items right now are Converse Sneakers. You can get them in almost any color, and throw on a cute mini skirt and a jersey, with a pop of make up or even lip color and BOOM you have instantaneously POSHified a simple sports outfit.

One of the things I stress not only to my clients, but to women I come in contact with  everyday is, that YES, beautiful things can be painful, but true beauty comes from within. Also, if you skip the heels others won’t have to look at you and be in pain FOR you.

As you know I am a firm believer in the fact that POSH starts on the inside and works its way to the outside. So whatever your feelings are on the inside, you best believe it is visible on the outside as well.

So ladies when you are going to a game remember to keep it clean, simple and most of all comfortable. This will keep you looking POSH and you will survive any frozen tundra in the NFL.



Poshly Yours,
Nicole Jennings

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