What's in our Bags?

A few weeks ago, team Posh was having a debate about carrying compact mirrors in our handbags. This sparked the idea of doing a "What's in your bag?" blog post... and here it is!

Each Posh employee chose the essential items that they carry with them and were asked to describe what they are and why they feel it's essential to carry around. 

Nicole Jennings :: Founder and Owner

What's in your bag?
Isopure is a protein drink that tastes like juice. Perfect for a refreshing post-gym pick-me-up. Chanel is my all-time favorite, I get as much as I can! I love the quilted leather for fall. What would I do without my Mophie… I’m on my phone working all day, so it’s usually dead by noon! Pink metallic marker because why not... Beats by Dre earphones so I can make calls hands free. I'm very intuitive to peoples moods and vibes so my Sonix phone case seemed fitting. Other random things are EOS hand lotion, perfume, MAC lipstick, couch drops, and my reading glasses. 

Abbey Rorvick :: Social Media Strategist

What's in your bag? 
Well given that my job is almost entirely digital, I need to have my phone 24/7. My faaaavorite wine is a good Rosé, so buying this Sonix case wasn't even an option when I saw it. I also have my Kate Spade wallet because it holds so much and doubles as a simple clutch on nights that we go to events. Business cards are a must because I love to collaborate with others in the industry and spread the word about Posh. My lip color changes on the daily, but one constant that I have at all times is my EOS Lip Balm (because lipstick on chapped/flakey lips is not cute). Vanessia from One on One Total Body Wellness has been stressing the importance of hydration to me lately, so I always make sure to keep water on hand. I particularly like this ban.do tumbler. Extra earrings because you never know when you'll lose yours or when a girlfriend in need will come along. My favorite pink pen that I've been carrying around since college. Somehow it still hasn't run out of ink. And finally, my folder and notebook. I would lose my mind if I couldn't write down random blog or Instagram ideas to come back to later. I also have a ton of papers, cards, etc. that I need to keep together for work so my folder keeps me nice and organized.

Brittany O'Dell :: Personal Assistant

What's in your bag?
Too Faced Bronzer: A winter purse must-have for us fair skinned ladies. I need a little color on my cheeks! Stress Relief Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer: Because germs stress me out. And it smells amazing! Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray: This mid-sized bottle is perfect for a big purse, never let your curls fall flat (or get staticky) again! Talk Is Chic Kate Spade Notebook: Every girl needs her little black book... Just kidding! It’s for my random ideas and thoughts, so I don’t forget anything. Pout” by Smashbox Lipstick: THE PERFECT winter pink! I have Pout in every medium- lipstick, lipgloss, extended stay lipgloss, I want it all! Dave & Buster’s Bouncy Ball: Because, why not? Passport: I like to think I’m more spontaneous than I actually am, so I like to always be more prepared than I need to be! Chanel Card Holder: In the winter I sometimes like to try and keep all of my stuff in my coat pockets, so this makes it easy to bring everything I need without using a giant wallet. Mpls St.Paul Magazine: I love love love local! And when I’m waiting somewhere I’d rather read a magazine than my phone. Good thing I have such a big purse!

Hayley Huotari :: Posh Photographer

What's in your bag?
I always have jewelry in my purse. I tend to be running late, oops, so if I don’t feel like my outfit is “finished” I have these few items to change a basic outfit into something more interesting on-the-go. I HAVE to have some sort of lip moisturizer in my bag at all times or I feel lost. The lip color is another finishing touch for me when I feel my outfit isn’t quite ready. I have thank you cards in my purse because I love personal touches—snail mail and older traditions are my jam. I’m an old soul and a photographer so Polaroid pictures fulfill my desire for being present. We live in such a digital, social media world, so having a Polaroid that doesn’t allow me to spend time editing is important. The Pilot G-2…my all time favorite pen. I love calligraphy and I’m particular in how my handwriting looks so this pen is a must. I don’t like writing in anything but this pen! My wallet is obviously something I need, but having the extra wrist strap is convenient whenever I don’t want to be lugging around my whole purse. Posh business card—I just started full time (yay!) and carry this around because no matter where you go you might need it for networking.

So what's in your purse?

Poshly Yours,
Team Posh


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