Fall Fashion Trend

It is true..If you hold on to your clothes for long enough they will make a comeback with slight revisions. Bell bottoms, cold shoulder tops, and the list goes on. 


As we are gearing up to release a sneak peek of Posh fall fashions, one of my personal faves is the comeback of velvet. Who would have thought? The fabric I fondly remember from my grandmother's couch is now one of the hottest fashion trends for fall.


Not only will velvet be a major apparel for clothing, it will also be seen on shoes! Everything from stacked heels, with intricate details of jewels and stone, to a velvet and fur pairing, along with eclectic velvet patterns. I kind of feel like a kid in a candy store!


I love being the one who steps out wearing uniquely different trends and pushing the envelope. I often hear, "I would have never thought to put that together!"

For example, I can picture an oversized plum-colored velvet bomber jacket, with a white tee, floral print denim tightly cuffed finished with a trendy white converse sneaker.

With any outfit, I love the option from turning it from day to night by adding an amazing lip color, a stunning heel, and a interesting clutch.


One differentiator that we possess here at OPC is that we strive to empower women to stretch their own style boundaries. Many women we come into contact with might love the idea but may not know exactly how to pull it off. We have dedicated stylists who assist that! We want women to know that they don't have to try the new trends if they are not comfortable, but if they are, lets do so to at level that they are comfortable with and help them own it.


Many of us would like to replicate outfits we see on our style icons. However, as much as we like to use the term, "All for one, and one for all", that does not always translate well in the fashion world. It is important to remember that each woman has a very unique body type, and we need to remember to cater to what is most flattering on us. What looks amazing on Selma Hayek might not translate the same way on Jennifer Aniston.


Be sure to stop by and let our dedicated stylists assist you in finding similar looks customized just for you! 



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