Fashion Myths

Happy Thursday ladies! By now you probably know that here at Posh we love to break fashion rules. We’re very much ‘wear white after Labor Day’ kinds of people (we even did a blog post on that here). So, figuring that we’re slowly but surely approaching Spring, we thought it was time to do a whole post on fashion myths. Below are some myths that we’ve heard from friends/family, seen on the web, or some we simply grew up being told. Let’s get started!


MYTH: Sequins and Shine are for nighttime only // The fact that this is still a thought makes us shake our heads. Especially now that embroidery is so on trend, it’s easy to rock sequins, gems, glitter, etc. during the daytime without giving it a second thought. A great example would be this Zara Black Velvet Jacket with Sequin Design.

MYTH: No Mixing Prints or Fabrics // Come on. We can’t believe some people still feel this way. Personally, we love mixing and matching; so much so that we even did a whole blog on mixing textiles here. As for prints - who doesn’t love a good cheetah and plaid combo or some floral and stripes action?!

MYTH: No socks with heels // This isn’t as surprising as the other ‘rules’ we’ve featured here, however, it’s still a myth. You can absolutely pair socks with heels while still looking chic. More and more fashion women are rocking this trend. In fact, we’ve even featured this look on the cover of our latest Lookbook! Take a look here.

MYTH: No boots in the Spring // This is a funny one - especially since Posh is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota which has incredibly indecisive weather practically all year round. For example, yesterday was 60 degrees (in February!) and tomorrow we’re preparing for a huge snowstorm. We say: don’t pack up your boots and booties quite yet - sometimes you’ll need them for weather reasons; other times, they’re just super cute with Springtime outfits!

MYTH: Short women can’t wear long dresses or skirts // Okay, can we get a universal ‘what?!’... We were dumbfounded with this one, especially considering that the majority of Team Posh is under 5’5 and we LOVE rocking long silhouettes in the Spring and Summertime. We say: forget this rule and wear whatever you want, no matter your height. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in it - go for it, ladies!

MYTH: Layering is for Winter and Fall only // Let’s circle right back around to the topic of weather, shall we? Spring is a transitional season and it seems very unrealistic to say you shouldn’t layer! Not to mention that layers can add chic dimension to any outfit. Don’t be afraid to play around with layers and figure out what works best for you, your style and climate.

At Posh, we believe that fashion should be stylish, functional, and true to YOU. If that seems easier said than done, then come see us! We’d love to help you define your style and find what you look and feel best in. Book an appointment to shop with one of our stylists at our Bloomington location - it’s free, fun, and personal.

What are some fashion rules you’ve heard over the years? Do you follow them? We want to hear them! Let us know in the comment section below or via our social channels.

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