How to Style a Necklace with the Right Neckline

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Do you ever want to UP your outfits with accessories but are unsure how to go about it? Here are three simple ways to turn your daily wardrobe from “just alright” to fierce! If you’re feeling like your neckline is bare, don’t worry, there really is the perfect way to add what you need with the style of necklace you choose.

Let’s start with a basic crewneck! Here and there, crewnecks are in need of some spicing up. An excellent way to add some good feels to the rounded shape, is to add contrast with a V shaped necklace. This helps add length to your body as well as an extra touch of UMPH to your outfit!

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Looking to add drama to your apparel? Mix-matching and going bold won’t steer you wrong. Try pairing a lace detailed top with a bold statement necklace that features gems! This is another example of contrast: with a delicate and flirty appeal that lace brings, an added touch of bold gems brings the outfit to a whole other level.

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Similar to a crewnecks being contrasted with a V necklace; A V neckline looks fabulous with chokers! This is my personal favorite, because come on, who doesn’t love chokers? With the ability to give a rounded feature in accordance with a V shape, this is an ideal way to bring your daily wardrobe up a notch.

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