Trend Recap: Looks We Loved This Year.

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Trend, the word we all love to use when a piece is constant, or everyone has it and you can’t seem to escape it. We like to put ourselves in that box of, "What’s trending right now, because I have to own it!" We like to think we make our own trends by finding unique pieces that complement our character. That's the first step! Really, it all flows from there. You can take "trendy" pieces and make them completely your own. So, let's take the original meaning of trend, or trending out of this piece for the sake of acknowledging uniqueness. At One Posh Closet, we are big on celebrating your own style and capturing that one-of-a-kind look for your wardrobe. Here are some of favorite spring/summer "trends" from 2018. 


Flower power! Seriously, we can’t get enough of it. The great part is, it's not just formal. Floral on any type of sustainable material is considered too elegant (by most) to be dressed down. Well, we have news for you! That floral dress sitting in your closet, pair it with a jean jacket or denim vest, slip-on tennis shoes, and a simple clutch for a notable weekend look. Put an original spin on your look by swapping out the clutch for a studded cross-body bag or a distressed white denim vest. You choose! There are no rules. We also don’t need to remind you how many different types of sneakers exist.

Black Leather

Black leather is a classic closet staple! Vintage or modern, there are so many ways to pair a timeless material. Make your look rocker chic by adding your favorite band tee or throw over your sundress in the evening. It gives it such a '50s look to your wardrobe. 

Bucket Bags

These handbags just might be the cutest accessory. What a statement: a bucket for a bag. We are admirers of how casual this piece can be. From the beach, to brunch, this bag gives such a versatile vibe. Leather is definitely the way to go when it comes to this silhouette. The rich material in a bold summer color, is a great addition to really any outfit, plus it can hold so much!

Athleisure....well anything!

We aren't telling you to bust out those early 2000s Juicy Couture track suits, (you know the ones you begged your mom for at the mall), but we are telling you to put some track-inspired striped pants, a silk camisole, a blazer and some bright pumps for a summer night out. basic tee and a sneaker for a casual weekend look pair track pants with your favorite tee and sneakers. It's one of the comfiest and chicest ways to go.

Bold Color 

 Basically, anything in the original Crayola box that you had as a kid – the brighter and bolder the better, we say! This applies to all types of clothing. A rich red evening gown, a pair of deep blue high-waisted, even swimwear. Bold is the new pattern! Although we are on board with patterns, sometimes being outright vibrant is the best. 


Trends come and go. The idea of one often merges with another or fades out altogether. However, we are constantly building and evolving our personal wardrobes. That looks different for each of us, which makes it the most special. Watching trends is healthy for the process, but also creating your own spin can be crucial. We are excited to see what goes and what stays. Share your favorite spring/summer looks with #poshstyleedit for a chance to be featured on our Insta!




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