VMA Style Recap

Who doesn’t love watching the VMAS to look for all of the next celebrity trends? Maybe we can’t all wear the exotic winged dress by designer Francesco Scognamiglio that Beyonce wore on the Red Carpet, but it is definitely something to admire and inspire!

But, no worries on finding trends to move forward with, there are always tons! We took a closer look at a few of the celebrities’ styles from this year's VMAS and put together some looks from OPC to resemble the fashion icons.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose is a spicy, edgy diva and is wearing a fantastically classic look for the 2016 VMAS! We WANT it!
WOW! Loving the resemblance!
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is young, beautiful, and has an inspirational voice. Her all black get-up is minimal, but totally rockin'!
We’re obsessed with these black culottes, which would look amazing paired with the vintage crochet top! Definitely “THE” Ariana Grande look.

Simone Biles
We all have recently gotten to know the infamous Gymnast 2016 Olympics gold medalist, Simone Biles! She’s strong, incredible, and oh so sweet. Of course we love her - and what she’s wearing!
This classic dress is meant to dazzle with the sparkling beads, similar to Simone Biles!
Cassie, the singer, dancer, actress, and model showed up to the VMAS in this shining gold outfit! It’s metallic, and everything we want!

AS by DF Women's Grey Leather Moto Jacket | Paige Denim Gold Jeans

Now, this may not be quite as bright metallic as what the star is wearing, but has so much potential! No need to change after leaving work wearing this edgy outfit, because it’s perfect for a night out as well.

Tinashe is fierce in this red jumpsuit! We love her daring style, and hope you do too!
Red is always a statement color! If you’re looking to get fancy, this gown is perfect, and is inspired by Tinashe’s look at the 2016 VMAS.


And that ends our 2016 VMAS Fashion Recap! All looks were absolutely STUNNING, as usual.


Until next time,

Team Posh

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