Hi, I'm Samantha Hudson creator of the blog wifemomboss.com. Wifemomboss is a movement to empower, encourage, and motivate women. Too often I've seen wives and mothers put their careers on the back burner. I’ve also seen career women put marriage and being a mother to the wayside and it’s all because society has made us feel we can't be dedicated to all three. I'm here to tell you, we can do it! You're already doing it! Women were built to cover wifely & motherly duties, while managing their home and careers. 

As we mature we go through various phases of life.  I can recall graduating high school and thinking as a young lady I got it all figured out.  I will attend college and get a good job making a decent salary.  I did just that but it was something missing from that job that was not fulfilling.  I could not see myself doing the same repetitive work and not making a larger impact. Life throws you curve balls but you have to be determined to not let LIFE throw you off your path.  I made a plan.  I went back to school earned my Masters degree, and just as I started on my PhD that curve ball called LIFE hit me.  Nervous as can be but this ball turned out to be one of the three best blessings in my life.  I was pregnant with my son!  Shortly after I received my second blessing of marriage and then my third blessing my daughter. 

I have become a stay at home mom with 2 toddlers! I have been blessed to have everything I could ever wish to have. Yet, something still was missing! My everyday wardrobe changed to workout clothes and tennis shoes, my hairstyle became a sleek ponytail every day, and I found myself as a chef and housekeeper. Hard work, right? Yes it is. Is it the kind of work I dreamed of as a young girl? Not exactly! I envisioned having a husband and kids but also putting to use those degrees I mentioned earlier.  Sitting in a boardroom wearing a suit with pumps everyday and then getting off work and taking care of home! 

There were a few things that motivated the creation of WMB. One, self-motivation! You must have a passion within yourself and a vision.  Without that you have nothing! The second thing is social media! Do your research and find positive role models to help you along your journey.  I use social media as a tool to follow women who are wives, mothers, and bosses! I was invited to a conference and I was lucky enough to sit with and speak to the guest speaker Carey D. Lohrenz, who was all that I aspired to be. It was then Wifemomboss was created! It's all about balancing and fulfilling your purpose that GOD has designed for your life!  And I no longer wonder if I am fulfilling my purpose and I can take any curve ball LIFE throws at me. 

Wifemomboss came to life in 2016 with the blog and boutique, which sells inspirational pieces for mothers and a few accessories! But there is so much more planned for 2017.  

Stay Tuned! 
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XO Samantha

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