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NYE Party Essentials

December 29, 2015

NYE Party Essentials

With the new year right around the corner, we wanted to share some must-haves for a Posh NYE party! Below you'll find food and drink recommendations, outfit ideas you can buy right here from Posh, and decor inspiration! 

Essential No. 1 :: Color Scheme

We're obviously biased to pink, black, and white; however the most important component to a color scheme (especially for NYE) is GLITTER! No matter what colors you choose, as long as glitter is involved it will be amazing. 

Essential No. 2 :: Cocktails

Our favorite choice for a NYE party would be champagne cocktails. Check out these ideas to make it festive and delicious! Find recipes for the drinks pictured and more here.

Essential No. 3 :: Hors D'oeurves

In our experience, hors d'oeuvres are always a huge hit. Especially if you're going to have cocktails at your party, it's probably a good idea for your guests to have something to munch on. Plus, who doesn't love food. Am I right? Check out these cute ideas!

Recipe 1 | Recipe 2 | Recipe 3

Essential No. 4 :: An Epic Outfit

Here's some pieces that we've put together for inspiration. For more items check out our NYE Party Looks collection!

Essential No. 5 :: Festive Decor

Decor can set the mood for any occasion. Kick off the year right with these cute ideas!

What are your NYE plans?

Poshly Yours,
Team Posh

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