5 Tips to Spring Clean your Wardrobe

Spring is coming! I can’t wait to open the windows each day and let the fresh air flow into my home. I actually look forward to deep cleaning every room, purging the stale winter air and dust bunnies and making every surface gleam.

The hardest project each year is undoubtedly my closet. I’m hesitant to pack away transitional items, because this is Minnesota, after all, so the air might have a chill all the way into May. Even more challenging, though, is pulling out my spring and summer clothes and figuring out 1) if I still like them and 2) if they still fit. It would be so much easier just to keep them in the back of the closet- sigh… But wait, there are some pretty tops, colorful and flattering. And it feels so great that those white capris still zip comfortably! Yes, a few items will have to go, but that just makes room for some new styles! The best thing is how great the closet looks when I’m all done. Everything is hanging on the right hanger, facing the same direction (yes, I even hang them by color).

Here are my top 5 tips for Spring cleaning your closet:

1) Hang clothes on hangers turned around, then when you wear them, hang them back up forwards facing
2) Donate clothes on hangers that are still backwards at the end of the season
3) Utilize space under beds to store off-season shoes and accessories
4) Install wall racks with hooks to store scarves/belts/necklaces.
5) When going through your closet ask yourself "If I were shopping right now - this second - would I buy this?" If not, let it go

Did you know One Posh Closet offers Closet Organizing? If the thought of doing it on your own fills you with dread, anxiety or denial, don’t stress about it- just get help! Your closet will no longer be a scary place, but instead you’ll be able to happily start your day in something you look and feel great in!

(NOT my closet lol)

Until next time,
Team Posh

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