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By: Posh Mommy Dana Taft, 200hr-RYT

I am a wife, a mother of 3, and a busy working woman therefore being healthy, happy and in Haute Couture (or your version of it) is my secret antidote to “having it all”.  With each of my pregnancies I gained more weight than the last and it took more time to lose that weight than the time before.  After giving birth to my youngest 3 years ago and gaining 80 pounds I decided I needed to find an antidote for balance.  I always found joy and great results from practicing Hot Yoga so I took that joy and ran with it.  I made a conscious effort to change my life to create a healthy body.  Not only did I get my certification to lead Baptiste Inspired Vinyasa Yoga, but I also made a choice with hopes to inspire people around me.  I drank Green Juices and smoothies and (not force them on my family but) let them see me enjoying that choice.  Like magic they wanted to try it as well.

I made commitments to my yoga practice or exercise and bam, they wanted to do the same.  Things like exercise and food are important but it’s not going to be the only thing that will maintain that “happy” state.  I don’t know about you but I used to put the needs of my husband, children, friends, and family, really anyone who needed something before my own.  I ended up feeling worn out, sometimes used, and depleted.   I learned the only person who could cultivate my “happy” state was ME!  I had to make myself a priority and do things I enjoyed separate from family.  That’s actually how I started doing my Yoga Retreats.  I love to travel, get with other woman, and unwind.  This is one example of taking time to cultivate my own happiness.

Finding what brings you pure joy will carry you through those traffic jams, arguments with your spouse, and that not so good ball game you child may have.  No matter what you do whether it’s working out or sitting in Starbucks enjoying a Green Tea with Matcha you might as well do it looking fabulous.  Since I tend to multi-task my outings I have fun picking out fashionable workout gear that can carry through other activities.  My version of a Posh Mommy Haute Couture is Lululemon, Fabletics, Hard Candy, Kira Grace to name a few.  I am in love with Lululemon because of the quality products that look and feel amazing.  Whether you want to style your best asset our go bold with a fun print there are so many options.  One of my most favorite things is the "Free to be Wild" bra. I wear some version in almost all my yoga classes.  It gives my deflated breasts a cute boost and shows off my stretch marks! You read that right, shows off those lines that so many have but for some reason cover up.  I love it when it’s getting hot and sweaty in a class and I pop that top layer off.  It gives me the opportunity to empower that 20 something woman next to me who was embarrassed too that you can enjoy the current state of yourself no matter what the person next to you looks like.  If we all would find that freedom, seeing stretch marks and a little fluff won’t be so strange.  So go out ladies live your most full, healthy, happy, and haute life possible!

Join Dana on her next Yoga Retreat August 27-30 in the Dominican Republic.  Go to for more information.

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