POSH in a Blue Moon!

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Once in a blue moon simply means rare, as a blue moon happens only every couple of years when there is a second full moon within a calendar month. Today we see our first blue moon since 2012, and we’ll have to wait again until 2018 for the next. Similarly, we’ve selected some of our more “blue moon-esque” pieces to showcase today, as we don’t imagine you’ll find them elsewhere, and at least not with this amount of savings.

Don’t miss these, as items this rare with savings this large don’t come around often. Its kind of like a sale on top of a sale which equals DOUBLE SALE which is rare...

Gucci 1970 Python Shoulder Bag, Originally $3,999.99

More info about this particular bag found on FashionStyleBeauty.com

Louis Vuitton Rose Monogram Bouclette Sorbet Speedy, Originally $4,100

Givenchy Sky Blue Med Leather Nightingale Tote, Originally $2,025

Don’t forget to get outside tonight and take in the gorgeous full moon - there’s nothing special you need to do to see it, just look up!

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