Building a POSH team - The POSH Mommy is Hiring

Hiring Nicole Jennings organization photo shoot The Posh Mommy Twin Cities

As you already know The Posh Mommy has officially planted roots in the Twin Cities, and our new retail location is looking quite different every day. As the space transforms and the operations grow, we’re looking to grow our team as well. We’re seeking mature models of all shapes and sizes, photographers, personal stylists, social media fashion gurus and office assistants to work with The Posh Mommy.  We are looking for anyone that might make POSH just, a little more “POSHER” if that’s even possible. Depending on the role, the hours and responsibilities, hourly rate and availability for assistance will change. As we continue to step out of the box we are looking for those already outside the box and have something SPECTACULAR to offer TPM during this growing phase within our company.  I am eager to meet Minneapolis’ fashion forward  go-getters ready to help us make a mark on the world, one Posh Mommy at a time.

On August 12, from 2-5pm I’ll be hosting on-site interviews on a first come, first serve basis at our office. The Retail Assistant Position is below for your review but anyone interested in more details please reach out to us at

I can’t wait to meet you you fashionable “Minneapolins”.

Stay Posh.


Retail Administrative Assistant Job Description

The Posh Mommy LLC (TPM) is an online resale shop for professional athletes’ significant others to sell their worn, one-of-a-kind, high-end clothing and accessories, in addition to their children’s clothing.  It is our commitment to deliver high-end service from the moment a potential customer visits our website, or storefront to the moment the eloquently packaged items reaches their hands.

Under Close Supervision, TPM intern or new hire will assist in maintaining the daily business operations of TPM.  They will assist TPM staff with a variety of tasks to provide both hands on experience and continued learning throughout their internship or employment.  

They will be responsible for a sophisticated and professional presence-both vocally and physically.  They also must have the ability to uphold a superior shopping experience for each and every customer. They must be able to follow verbal and written directives.


  • Responding in a timely manner to customers-via email, phone, etc.
  • Preparing clothes and items to be photographed
  • Organize items as the arrive; tracking them in a centralized database
  • Maintaining a tracking system that logs incoming and outgoing items
  • Posting items for sale on the website with a price and description
  • Basic website maintenance/social media postings and promotion
  • Fulfillment of orders, including but not limited to:
  • Submitting order confirmations once order and payment are received
  • Packaging item(s) the “Posh Mommy Way”
  • Sending the final package within the expected arrival time frames  
  • Submitting shipping confirmations once order has been shipped
  • Adhere to the highest professional standards in retail and customer service
  • All other duties assigned
  • Attend all staff and volunteer meetings
  • Run errands as needed
  • Filing
  • Answering Phones
  • Assist in implementing marketing plans, promotion, and publicity


  • Professional written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Organized
  • Knowledge of Inventory Control
  • Great customer service skills
  • Knowledge of high-end product retail merchandise
  • Ability to build trusting relationships with customers
  • Proficient in reporting accuracy
  • Quality driven to exceed customer expectations
  • High attention to detail

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