Making POSH Progress - A Behind the Scenes Look at Construction

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The Posh Mommy is so excited to officially make the move from online boutique to combination brick & mortar store / online shopping experience. As we’ve mentioned before, having this physical space allows us to expand into a few other areas which Posh Mommies have voiced their interest in - personal styling assistance and appointment-only shopping. The physical space’s transformation is well on it’s way, and I wanted to share with you some behind the scenes photos from the progress being made:



Changes continue with each day. I’m so blessed to have the support of my family, whether it’s Greg helping install the shelving, or the kids simply keeping themselves busy when I stop by to do some work. We’re all excited for what the space will mean for both The Posh Mommy In-Store Retail experience, and how we’ll be able to continue to showcase the inventory online.

After…stay tuned for what’s to come! Thanks for your support!

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