August Updates + Charity of the Month

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If you haven’t noticed, it’s already almost mid-August! Where did the summer go? Well, pleasant weather is still around in Minneapolis for a few more months, and we’re excited to report the office is shaping up beautifully. See some transition pics here, and here’s an after teaser:

We’re also incredibly excited to report that we’re holding onto our July Charity of the Month - The Epilepsy Foundation - for August as well. After conversations with the EF, as well as with our July (and August) Blogger of the Month, Alexandra Evjens of Ave Styles, we felt compelled to share their story a bit longer. Read more about why the EF is so important to Alexandra in her post.

Stay tuned here for more updates on the office transitions, new fall inventory, any events (hint hint) that may be coming to Minny, and catch our September Blogger and Charity of the Month.

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