POSH in Progress: Part 2

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Just a few weeks ago we shared some early progress pictures of what our new Posh Minneapolis headquarters looked like.  We’re excited to report that so much more has occurred since then! With our grand opening just a few weeks away (details to come), the shop and office combination is shaping up in true POSH fashion. We’re loving the creatively functional yet gorgeous spaces to display women's accessories (I mean, obviously Louboutins are beautiful enough to be on display whether they’re being worn or not…), as well as the easy to shop shelving that enables children and ladies alike to browse during an in-store visit.



And we’re so thrilled to announce we’ve brought on a number of additional POSH employees that are making these changes possible and bringing some spark into our operations. We will devote a whole blog post on each of our newest POSH team members and what amazing talent they bring to TPM.  

And who can resist this adorable TPM rug? No one. Sadly, that one is not for sale. Not yet anyways… Stay tuned for our grand opening details and can’t wait to fill you in on what’s to come for POSH Minneapolis.

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