Falling for a POSH Fall Look

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Do you see what I see? Those look like cold-weather items to me. I may be in denial, but regardless, fall is right around the corner! Staying in Minnesota means that there’s no escaping the chill for me and my kiddos, so as the new inventory arrives, I wanted to share some of the items. If you’re living in a warmer-weather climate, first, I’m a tiny bit jealous. Second, there are still plenty of new arrivals for both women and kids that are sure to get you excited as well. It’s time for transitional pieces and preparation for the cold, so let’s get to it!

I think I see a Burberry trench in there!

And here’s a little teaser for you...shoes that have yet to hit the shelves online or in the store. These freshly added shoes can be yours if you stay tuned. As always, joining TPM as a Premier Member gives you early bird access to these beauties to purchase:

And we’re loving the re-introduction of browns, tans, and some caramel hues or simply luxe leathers in the shoe and bags departments…


Mulberry Postman's Lock Lock Leather Ankle Boot

Minnetonka Black Fringe Suede Ankle Boots


Elizabeth and James Caramel Wedges


Sketchers Women's Fringe Ankle Booties

Brown Coach Carryall



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