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Do you ever which you could push a pause button in life?  Well I know for my life as a Wife, a mother of 3 “only children” and busy Yoga Instructor sometimes I wish I could just press pause.  Even when I get the opportunity to spend time with my girlfriends or enjoy a pedicure my responsibilities have me constantly checking the clock.  I need to be sure and make my way to the carpool line or the ballgame.  This is why I started designing getaways for other women just like myself.  I want to travel to a place where I don’t have to make, or even think of meals, make beds or take my attention to the clock.

This March after you’ve gone on Spring Break with your family I invite you to press the pause button and join me for some BLISS.  Bliss is a Health and Fitness Vacation taking place in the glorious destination, Dominican Republic.  This ultimate tropical getaway combines serious luxury with a relaxed holistic vibe; a vacation for the mind, body, and spirit. You will get rid of stress and toxins, enjoy fitness activities, and leave feeling renewed and re-energized to live your best life!  


Each day begins with fresh squeezed juice and energizing morning workout followed by a healthy breakfast.  Lunch includes lots of veggies and healthy twists on local delights.  You will strengthen and lengthen your body and mind during this week of fun and challenging fitness classes, clean eating and restorative yoga. Our playground will be a private villa and endless adventures at this world renowned resort.  This is your vacation after all, so you will have plenty of time each day to relax on the beach, read a book, and even be treated to times of spiritual awakening.  

The trip is Tuesday March 29, 2016 - Sunday April 3, 2016 6 days and 5 nights for $1,550/per person.  Accommodations include; two meals, daily workouts, all activities including a mud cleanse + surprise activities, 1-hour massages, airport transfers on March 29th and April 3rd. *Staff tips and alcoholic beverages not included. **$500 non-refundable deposit. 

I hope you will join me for this Pause Button!

All the Best!

Dana Taft

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