Empowered Women, Empower Women

The other day I was told by a colleague that I had a "beautiful face". This may not seem so strange, however, the colleague is female. I was completely taken off guard and started to wonder why that may be.

After a bit of thinking, I realized that most often women are complimented by men as opposed to other women. Why is this so? Growing up, girls are taught to value themselves based on how they are seen by the opposite sex. Let's change this! I'm going to propose that we empower one another. Let's value our friendships as much as, or if not more, than our romantic relationships. Imagine succeeding because we've built each other up.

Competing with one another does nothing for our self esteem. How awesome would it be to not only value and appreciate other women, but to remember to practice self love daily? Even more importantly, let's stop comparing our insides to other women's outsides. So, I challenge you..compliment other women, make new friends, compliment yourself. We can do this!

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