The Best Shoes Every Power Woman Should Own

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One Posh Closet strives for every woman to walk out of our doors feeling like their most authentic and fashionable selves. Shoes complete an outfit, which is why it's important for every woman to finish their look with a powerful shoe.

These are POSH's 4 Shoes For Every Power Women:


Sneaker may seem like a shoe that isn't special, but we love sneakers because you can finish any outfit with a sneaker. Let's say it's casual Friday at the office, but you have a big meeting to attend to. Wear a blazer, cropped trousers, and these slip-on sneakers for a business casual look that's not only comfortable but professional & powerful. 


A nude pump is so simple but can elongate your legs and be paired with any color, pattern, or style of clothing. Whether you're dressing for the office with a blouse & skirt, or dressing for a casual brunch outing with your favorite leather jacket & jeans; nude pumps are the perfect power shoe! 


Whether it's the color red, hot pink, cobalt blue, or marigold we believe every woman needs a little color pop shoe. If you're afraid to dress in color, let the shoes do the talking. It can brighten your look, and add some drama to a simple monotone outfit. 


The last statement shoe is a black bootie, like these Steve Madden Cone-Heeled Booties. Bootie's are a shoe that can be worn every season, despite it being a boot. Wear booties to add a little more edge to an outfit versus pumps. Where it in the workplace with trousers & blazer or date-night with the dress that makes you feel like your best self & leather jacket.

Comment below your favorite power shoe you'd wear!

Poshly Yours💋

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