Exclusive Posh Tips to Traveling

It’s officially summer which means it’s prime travel time! Whether you're traveling somewhere hot or cool, the idea of traveling with just a carry-on may seem impossible. Team Posh has some fashionable tips for you. There are more than a dozen different tricks to maximize space within your carry-on. Team Posh believes that packing transitional staple pieces help plan outfits and allows travelers to not overpack. Don’t forget to pack those accessories to elevate your looks, like light scarves and statement jewelry. 

Below you will find Posh's top 5 exclusive travel tips: 

ROLL, DON’T FOLD // By rolling each piece you pack, you’ll minimize the amount of space or surface area that folded clothes cover. Plus, rolling minimizes wrinkles. 



PICK THE RIGHT BAG // This tip is huge! No matter where you travel, your bag size, style, and functionality matters. Make sure that your bag has enough space and compartments to hold your belongings comfortably.

PLAN YOUR OUTFITS // It may seem hard, but planning your outfits helps prevent overpacking. With transitional pieces, you can utilize a piece more than once while vacationing and stray away from excess clothing in your luggage. 


USE ALL FREE SPACE // With any bag, you need to be sure to utilize all the space in your luggage. Keep things that you may need easy access to, in the pockets, and fill up all the space in your bag. 



WEAR YOUR BULKIEST STUFF // A great way to save space in your luggage is to wear the bulkiest pieces that your bringing. This can help avoid any baggage fees, free up space, and keep your carry-on lighter.

Do you have any packing tips and tricks? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

Until next time,

Team Posh 

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