Posh Ways to Elevate Your Closet Storage

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There comes a time when cleaning your closet needs to be added to the Spring to-do list. No matter if you have a small or big closet, we have some great tips for any storage area. One Posh Closet will show you a few ways to bring chic and functionality into any closet space.

Open Concept

Closet Organizing Service by One Posh Closet

A great way to make a small closet look bigger is by creating a more open concept. Add shelf dividers, shoe racks, hanging rods, and some additional storage containers, you can create an aesthetically pleasing closet space that will make you feel happy to walk into in the morning. 😍

Versatility Shelves

Closet Organizing Service by One Posh Closet

Continue to use tip #1 through the other wall space throughout your closet system. Organizing your footwear in an open concept can make finding your shoe for the day more efficient. A shelving unit, like a ladder shelf, is a functional storage piece for your refreshed closet. You may be surprised how a ladder can elevate your closet but also serving as a unique decor piece. 

Creative Jewelry Display 

Closet Organizing Service by One Posh Closet

Jewelry can be tricky to organize so get creative with your displays. Whether you want to display or store away your accessories you can make it chic. Hanging your necklaces on unique fixtures brings your personality to life, and saves space on storing accessories! 

Polished Garment Rack

Closet Organizing Service by One Posh Closet

If storage is limited, choosing a garment rack to display your clothing is a great idea. Hanging your favorite pieces outside of your closet has become a popular storage tactic as well as a minimalist decor piece. Displaying your best pieces outside of your closet brings a fun element of texture, color, and dimension into your space.


For more ideas, tips & tricks, or inspiration, check out One Posh Closet's closet organizing service and schedule a time to meet a Posh Stylists

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