Transitional Footwear: Expect the Unexpected

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Add some edge to your wardrobe by styling shoes you already own in a new and unexpected way; just because the seasons are changing, doesn't mean that you have to put your booties/sandals/sneakers away yet! 

We love the unexpected when it comes to fashion at One Posh Closet,  so our Posh Stylists always come up with unexpected ways to freshen up your wardrobe, no matter the season. One of our favorite ways to style sneakers is pairing them with dressier pieces like dresses or skirts, unexpected, right? Check out these looks!

Grab your converse or Air Force 1’s and throw on your favorite midi skirt and a graphic tee for the most laid-back, put-together look you’ll ever come across! This is one of the prime ways to transition your sneakers through every season and get the most wear out of them, in ways that aren’t just casual. 

Another way to transition your sneakers for all-season wear is to pair your tennies with a formal blazer for a stylish yet professional look.

Pair your blazer with a pair of distressed denim or a simple pair of leather leggings, throw on your sneaker of choice, and your unexpected look is complete! 

We all love our Birkenstock sandals too, so we couldn’t forget them when discussing transitional footwear. Try pairing your sandals with a formal skirt for an unexpected contrast or with a jumpsuit for an easy finish to the look. Check out the looks below for the ultimate sandal inspo!

We hope you found all of these footwear tips from our stylists at One Posh Closet helpful; just because the seasons change doesn't mean your footwear has to! What’s even better is that One Posh Closet has stylists waiting to give you even more personalized footwear styling tips by simply uploading photos of shoes you already have in your closet to the Styling App, and allowing the One Posh Closet stylists work their magic from there! More information can be found at, your very own personal stylist is just a click away. 


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