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Style is found in many shapes, aesthetics and sizes. At One Posh closet we value the diversity of style, and we cater to every woman and every body type. It’s very important for everyone's voice to be heard, but also for everyone's style to be seen. Celebrating each other is so important! So, without further ado, let’s get down to transforming your closet for summer. 


Who doesn't love a good floral piece? We love keeping it loud. A statement piece, like a large print floral skirt, with a bold top, or vice-versa gives just enough of that summer inspiration, without overdoing it. It is also very classy, which allows for elegance is most causal looks. 


Classic stripes scream summer. Striped dresses and jumpers are perfect for all shapes and sizes. Keep it light and breezy in linen – ideal for the beach or boating.

Art-Inspired Clothing

What’s more unique than art on clothing? One of our in-store brands and local favorites is Slate Collective. Founder, Allison, specializes in bringing fashion and fine art together, through inspiration.



A tried and true closet staple, a chambray shirt can be worn with anything, really! Wear it over a dress and tie it at the waste, or simply wear it with shorts. Casual-chic is huge for the season. 


A flattering fave for everyone, jumpsuits are a playful alternative to sundresses. Plenty come sleeveless with breathable material, which makes it so comfortable for the heat. Pair with a clutch or crossbody bag and a sweet little sandal - you’re good to go! 

Formal Wear 

Wedding season is here, and it often calls for a sleek evening gown. This season move away from your typical black dress and opt for a bright color, such as red. A bold sleeveless gown that hugs all the right spots is something we’re on board with. 

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