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We have some exciting news to share… has received a makeover, and we are delighted with the new aesthetic! The easy to navigate site features all of the Posh services that you have come to know and love, and more.  

As a luxury concierge service, we provide access to leading designers, brands, personal shopping, private styling services, the sourcing of fine art, luxury cars and more. In partnership with Queen Anna, we too, are are aiming to assist clients with 'inheriting the lifestyle' of exceptional luxury things.

We collaborate with professional stylists, designers, and everyday women across the country to assist us in sourcing high-end luxury items to offer outstanding clothing at a reasonable price. We celebrate every women's authentic style and unique body type, including petite and plus-size clothing.  


The goal of the new website is to re-address who we are and what we do, all while making it easily accessible whenever, wherever.  

Finally, say hello to our newest service, Style Edit, One Posh Closet's personalized clothing service. In the style edit section, you will learn about One Posh Closet's personalized clothing service. Create a profile, answer a few simple questions, and receive personalized capsule with 2-4 wardrobe pieces chosen explicitly for you. Try it on in the comfort of your own home, keep the garments you love, and return the rest to us, free of charge within four business days.



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