Plus Sizes Now Available

In the world of fashion, it is all too common to see the same exact body type over and over.  Trying to summarize every one woman into the same body type can have detrimental effects on women everywhere.  Body shaming decreased confidence, and exclusivity has been common issues in the fashion industry the entire history of its existence.  Thankfully, the stigma is beginning to change.  Brands are starting to diversify their advertising, including women of all shapes and sizes.  Along with this, more extensive sizing selections have become common.  

Here at One Posh Closet, we are proud of the direction the fashion industry is going headed in; body positivity and inclusion are so important to women everywhere and us.  We are pleased to join the movement and have created plus size sections in store and online.  

 "I truly believe that all bodies are beautiful, and that's what makes our world exciting." - Zac Posen


Image Credit: The Odyssey

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